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July 24th, 2019

Are you team iOS, Android, or Razr?

A bit of internet fun: cellphone nostalgia.

Yesterday, Mowned — a combination of “mobiles” and “owned” — launched on Product Hunt. The site is a self-described “little corner for smartphone enthusiasts,” a place to review and browse through popular smartphones and last decade’s dumb phones. 🙌

According to the maker TJ Sergiu, the idea is to help you share the story behind your previously owned phones, because everyone remembers their flip phones fondly.

“With my passion for smartphones, I started this project a few years ago as a free tool used for generating forum signatures with phones owned over time. It's a fun project that brings different memories! I know that I think about all of my phones owned over the's a journey to nostalgia.”

Within these showcases, users can also find most-liked phones, the top phones for a specific time period and the most popular colors phones were/are bought in.

So we ask you — Product Hunt community — are you team iOS or Android? Answers go here. 👈

If you’re feeling superrr nostalgic, you may also enjoy this iPhone with a 1980s retro vibe, a remake of Snake, or browsing old phones on eBay.

Or if you’re looking to live a more minimal lifestyle, get the the phone that has no apps or texting.

Remember your old phones!

Product News! 😻

Google launches an alternative to Google Photos. Samsung's Galaxy Fold is expected to ship in November. GM's Cruise acknowledged that its taxis won't be ready this year. And TravelPerk launches flexible refunds.  

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