A journey to phone nostalgia

People can create showcases of owned phones in time.
Based on the showcases we can see some fun stats such as: most liked phones, top phones in time, most popular colors (at the moment limited to user profile).
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Hello Internet people! This is Mowned (mobiles owned) - a little corner for smartphone enthusiasts. With my passion for smartphones, I've started this project few years ago as a free tool used for generating forum signatures with phones owned over time. It's a fun project that can brings different memories! I know that myself thinking all of the phones owned over the time.. it was a journey to nostalgia. Beside creating and sharing your personal phone timeline, we can see different stats based on people input. For example hot phones, or "travel" in time and see some of the most owned phones :) The site was relaunched not a long time ago and kudos to React, everything seems smoother! There is a demo account for testing: demo@mowned demo Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
Obligatory poll: Team iOS or Android? πŸ€”
Neither! I'm team Palm!
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@rrhoover Do folks still use Blackberries? I used to be obsessed with mine and passed on the first iPhone because it didn't have a keyboard πŸ€“
@rrhoover @abadesi I use a Blackberry Key2 but it runs android
@rrhoover Hah! Android's winning.
@rrhoover @abadesi ME TOO! I miss BBM.
@rrhoover stuck in the Apple ecosystem but very excited for the Razr revamp!
Interesting! I recommend to everyone.
@cismas_david thank you man!
good to all people
@paulodef it will make it more organized for sure! :D