Gallery Go by Google

A fast, helpful way to organize your photos offline

Gallery Go by Google Photos is a photo gallery, designed to work offline, that uses machine learning to automatically organize and make your photos look their best.
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If anyone wonders why the people in the video and the screenshots are African, it's because Gallery Go was launched at "Google for Nigeria" event along with other amazing projects
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@elmasryahmed Thats amazing! I love that the marketing incorporated the team like that. It really helps to show how much they respect their developers all around world.
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Now we have two Google Photos apps with little photo editing and photo managing capabilities. I only use Google Photos because I have a pixel and unlimited storage... once that phases out, I'm out.
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@tostartafire What would you prefer to use instead, if you didn't have unlimited storage?
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@tostartafire @kreatiff make something close to Apple Photos/Adobe Lightroom but for web/electron, or at least integrate Snapseed directly in to the app and web versions...
@kreatiff I am considering right now getting the adobe photoshop + lightroom package that comes with 20GB of storage. It's $10 a month. I already have it for work, and it has been very useful. I can use that for my main photos and all the other ones that are not work but just memories I can keep it in google drive.
Ah so photo apps are the new messaging apps for Google. I expect 3 more photo apps at Google I/O next year.
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@hayden_evans Yeh and then they'll discontinue most of them... and force the users into one platform that they choose. I still can't get over Inbox :(
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i initially thought this was a way to actually organize your photos and move them in albums as there is no way to filter for photos NOT IN ALBUMS within Google disappointing
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Hey @dflieb! Congrats on the launch. Looks like this is targeted towards people with unreliable/limited/sporadic network connectivity versus the gallery in the main Google Photos app?
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