Light Phone 2

Beautiful phone designed to be used as little as possible

The Light Phone 2 is a 4G phone with a beautiful black & white matte E-ink display. It's a more reliable, durable, and practical phone, now featuring essential tools like messaging, an alarm clock, the ability to get a ride-share home or a list of simple directions. All so you can leave your smartphone behind more often.

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Hey PH, I’m Joe! We’re pretty excited to hear from everyone here, stoked to be on the platform. It’s been almost three years since we introduced the first Light Phone campaign. Having shared our phone with over 10,000 users around the world, collected feedback and learned from our mistakes, we're really excited about the potential of Light Phone 2. One thing that we believe in now more than ever is the power of ‘going light’, it is an amazing experience, one that feels profound in a time when we have become so accustom to our existence only through hyper-connectivity. Our goal with the Light Phone 2 is to make a more reliable, durable and practical device that makes it easier to go light more often… or for good! So, you’re probably asking, what’s new? Light Phone 2 is a 4G LTE phone with a custom black-and-white E-Ink display. It has an aluminum casing, a larger speaker, microphone & battery, and the addition of a proximity sensor, headphone jack and physical buttons for navigation. The Light Phone 2 also introduces a new operating system and functionality. Light's OS uses a few thoughtfully implemented tools, with physical buttons to scroll through your customized 'toolbox'. The typographic-based interface is a pleasure to use.  We will be adding messaging as well, the most requested addition by our users. We also want to include an alarm clock, so you can leave the smartphone outside the bedroom. Other tools will be possible to explore thanks to the 4G connectivity, and we will be working closely with our backers to bring the tools that make the most sense to the Light Phone 2; maybe the ability to get simple directions or to call a ride-share home. These are tools, not feeds or notifications. We are launching the Indiegogo campaign this morning at 10am EST! A $250 donation will get you one of the very first Light Phone 2s, which we expect to ship in about a year, April 2019. We would be honored to have you as a backer and to work together over the next year to make this the best possible phone for everyone’s needs. You can find much more details on the campaign page: Thank you for following along with our project, this is an exciting next chapter for us as we continue to provide a refreshing alternative to the tech monopolies that are fighting ever more aggressively for our attention. Remember, our time is their money. Much love, Joe & Kai
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@joehollier Any plan to open the platform to developers to build minimalistic apps?
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@joehollier @teapot This needs to happen. Firm guidelines, Javascript based SDK and you've a winner on your hands.
How is it that this product is ranking above 12 others with one single upvote?
If I weren't so caught up with useless tech junk, this would be my phone! Minimalism is great, I just wish my cluttered lifestyle will one day evolve to the point where I can become a minimalist haha.
@jeddyhsu Thanks, Jared!
Oh the difficulties of the 1%
@androidlove this doesn't solve a problem that's specific to the 1%, nor is it priced beyond the means of a lot of people (assuming they value their own mental health). However, it does appear to solve a problem that only a particular type of people are acutely aware of. I think that will change in the future as phones get mashed even further into our eyeballs.



E-ink is a great screen for reading stuff and the battery should last for weeks


E-ink is relatively slow and there will never be apps as good as in other phones, besides R2L languages will probably not be supported.

I'm not sure if that's a con, the point of the phone is to not use apps.