Apple iPhone 7+ Retro

An $1899 iPhone with classic 1980s Macintosh vibes

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Yes I want one No it makes no sense $1899 for this iPhone 7+ which is just like an ordinary iPhone 7+ but with a slick paint job, yes this is just a painted phone. It looks so awesome though... if anyone wants to just make a case like this, take my money.
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@bentossell A case in this design would be a lot simpler :) I'd buy it!
@bentossell Can be done for a case pretty easily. I created this in a few minutes
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@darrinrich make it, sell it, i'll buy it.
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@bentossell Retro iPhone Case: Here are the files I used to create a case on zazzle. Feel free to create one yourself and buy it Use the apple logo at your own risk
For $1899, you would think they would at least include a pic of the front!
Would love this! But would never pay that much for it.
It's cheaper to buy a case
$1899? That's like 3 times the cost!