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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
In direct competition to Gazelle and other merchants and good timing with the iPhone shipping shortly. Interestingly, I entered my iPhone details and it quoted me two prices: $260.63 to have eBay Valet do all the work to list and sell it, and $389 if I do it myself. The massive uptick in price encourages me to sell it myself on eBay, which makes me think this is more of a lead gen to get more sellers on the platform, not just inventory.
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Jonathan Howard
Part-time CMO and startup advisor
@rrhoover I think it also reflects the added costs of having their "experts" do it for you. It looks like they also advance you the money before selling, so some of that price difference represents the added risk they take on and faster reward you get
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Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Wow, it's quoting really low price while it does also say posting a listing in eBAy could double my sale! Seems like an easy way to get you start a listing than sell your used phone 😄
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