Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 16th, 2024


Hi, hi, hi. It’s time for your daily roundup of some of the coolest products you haven’t seen yet. In today’s edition I’m covering a new tool to help you read more newsletters. But first…

The headlines:

👻 Snapchat is adding watermarks to content generated with its AI tools

💰 Klarna, the buy now pay later app, is launching a credit card in the US.

🐦 According to Elon, X will start charging new users to post.

This product uses AI to help you read more of the newsletters you’re subscribed to

If you’re anything like me, email might not be your strong point. Or should I say email organization? It’s become far too familiar that my nice, clean inbox is quickly swamped as I sign up for every new cool thing I find — especially newsletters. 

A consequence of that is so many newsletters go unread despite good intentions. There are a bunch of solutions to this from better email clients like Superhuman to dedicated newsletter readers like Stoop. Now, another product has thrown its hat in the ring. 

LaterOn kind of combines the two ideas into one. It’s like an email client specifically designed to keep you on top of newsletters. It acts as a buffer between you and the newsletters you subscribe to. Rather than them just hitting your inbox, LaterOn presses pause, and holds those newsletters back until you have the chance to read them. 

Once you set up your account, LaterOn will pull in the newsletters you’re subscribed to. From there, you can set the rate of frequency that you want to receive them; either weekly or monthly. It will then collect every edition that gets sent to you and use AI to quickly aggregate and summarize them into one email for quick reading. 

It doesn’t end there though, LaterOn comes with an AI companion that can answer specific questions about the content like “Why is Aaron so bad at managing his inbox?” If the AI can give me the answer to that, I’d be much obliged. 

Check out LaterOn

Sure, being in the top 5 products of the day, and all the glory that comes with it, is great but oftentimes you can find some truly eye-catching products if you scroll down a little. Here’s a few products that you might have missed: 

  • Only The Recipe cuts out the clutter when you’re reading a recipe blog. 
  • SwearBy lets you post comments on any app on your iPhone like Airbnb or StockX
  • Claud Dreams is an AI-powered iOS app that lets you log and analyze your dreams.
  • Collato just launched a new tool for AI notetaking.
  • Tempo reminds you to slow down and go with the flow during presentations. 
  • Superwhisper is an AI-powered voice to text app for iOS. 
  • Reflex lets you build entire web apps just by using Python. 
  • Validated lets you test your messaging on before hitting send. 
  • Mural is an all-in-one platforming for handling payments and invoices.