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Dads, don't click this

A little heads up: It’s Father’s Day this weekend.

In case you forgot, we rounded up a few last-minute gifts for your Dad, Product Hunt-style. Fun fact: all of these products launched within the past week.

If he’s is into photos...

Get him a 3D-printed tripod head 📷

If he’s needs a toothbrush upgrade...

Get him a robot that removes plaque 😁

If he’s into music...

Get him a personalized vinyl record 🎵

If he’s into gaming...

Get him the new Xbox controller 🎮

If he’s really into gaming...

Pre-order Google’s new gaming platform for him 🙌

If he’s intro travel....

Send him on an Airbnb Adventure (Airbnb launched this yesterday!) ✈️

And if all else fails, send him a funny card. Dads love jokes.

Happy Father's Day!

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