Stadia Founder’s Edition

Google's new gaming platform, now available for pre-order

#1 Product of the DayJune 07, 2019
Includes Stadia controller, Chromecast Ultra, 3 months of Stadia Pro, Founder’s badge, Buddy Pass, and Stadia Name
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This continued normalization of sacrificing ownership for convenience is nauseating.


The convenience of playing across devices and being able to play purchases immediately


It allows you to consume content (that you don't own) immediately at the cost of having zero control and complete reliance on 3rd parties

So excited about this, love the pricing plan as well
the only weird thing to me is I already have an Android TV, but I still need an Chrome Cast to use it.
@huangdun They are suggesting most tv devices will be able to use it later on.
@huangdun likely due to requiring Chromecast Ultra-level hardware to pull in the stream at acceptable levels of quality.
@iansmith If my tv can stream 4k youtube video, why wouldn't it be able to stream gaming video.
@huangdun sure, sounds logical. But you should ask Google.
@iansmith right, it would be great if I knew someone from the team.

Well I was already hyped by this product and the gamplay displayed by Google , really looking for what it delivers and would it start a new streaming console battle .


Just the need of this device and a good internet connection , all of this with just $129 is surprisingly a nice deal (as advertised by Google)


No cons if Google stands on what it said .

I am in if they deliver what they are promising.