A scientifically perfected, oral care experience

An oral care device designed to out perform your toothbrush.
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No offense, but is this just a way to farm emails, or what? No video, no detail photos, no description. Just a single product marketing photo. I can’t even tell what the product is, and judging by the comments, no one else can either.
@xcadaverx no offense taken Daniel 👌 - being added on PH at this stage is a surprise (❤) for us as well. More soon.
Looks fascinating, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at :)
It is not clear, I need a video 😂
I need one. Everybody needs one. Actually I went to the dentist yesterday to clean dental plaque and he told me to buy an electric toothbrush, but I said I will buy a willo.
This is awesome. It is rare that you have a true step function in a traditional product category and this can be one. Can’t wait to get a Willo!
@laschoenfelder that's the plan, thanks Luke! 🙌🏼