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#1 Product of the DayJune 13, 2019
Airbnb Adventures allows you to go deeper that typical tourist travel with wildly unique adventures around the world. These small group trips range from 2 to 10 days and start at just $99—with lodging, meals, and activities included.
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This is a natural evolution of Airbnb Experiences. They're now bundling the entire travel experience. As someone that dislikes planning and travel logistics, I'm 👍🏼👍🏼 on this.
@rrhoover I think this will become bigger than Experiences. It can be a deterrent to figure out timing for one Experience on a trip, but I can imagine more people springing for fully planned trips like we've seen guided travel make a resurrection (e.g., Equinox Travel, Aire Libre with Janji, etc.)
@kunalslab at least higher ATV! 🤑
@rrhoover haha! That's the obvious one. I'm willing to bet on # of Adventures booked! 🧳🏞️🧗
@kunalslab @rrhoover Let's see: regular Airbnb fees for hosts 3-5%. For experiences 20% flat ("To help cover the costs of the products, services, and support we provide, we charge a 20% service fee for experiences unless otherwise agreed to by the host and Airbnb.") Since AirBnb is planning for an IPO for early 2020(per Bloomberg), it merges housing and experiences and call it....wait for it...adventures. And the margin on those are 20%. Nice way to ramp up the margin on their core product incognito. Could they eventually use this to leverage higher margins on housing? As far as value is concerned, completely agree with @rrhoover :it will depend on who is using it ultimately but for users who dont want to deal with the hassle it may just be worth it. It is certainly worth it for AirBnb to move into higher margin products and services.
@rrhoover @kunalslab Going to throw my own product in here - a lot of people are nervous about their abilities to plan their breaks well OR don't have the time.
Excited to try this out. @musa and team are amazing. I want my Adventure! :)
@musatariq, congrats! Happy to share my experience running an adventure travel co in SF (World Expeditions) and from my time in Sales at Mountain Travel Sobek (the USA's original adventure outfitter). @prsarahevans, looks like one more social handle Musa needs help securing :)

See my comments in the replies below.


No hassle vacays


1. 20% fees = 650% more than just housing. 2. $200 GoPro deal is deceptive: they marked up the price then applied a discount.

It's kind of like a tour group for people who hate tour groups. Excited about this!
A local Ohio startup has been working on something like this for the past year. Crazy to see Airbnb taking a shot at this as well.