Makers Festival
The 'API Edition' - Brought to you by Product Hunt
Winners Announced

But wait, why the API edition?

Over the years, Makers have delighted us and the wider community with products built on our API. We’ve seen Twitter bots, to data analysis to social networks.

Now, the Makers Festival is back and we're challenging you to surprise and inspire the community with your 'API Edition' projects.

The Product Hunt team will be on hand to answer questions and offer our support for the festival duration. Our API is also open to feedback, so if something is missing that you want access to — let us know!

🏅 Themes & Prizes
Here are the categories to get your wheels turning. Prizes will be awarded for the best product in each of the following themes:
Mobile Apps
Apps that fit in your pocket and make life better
Browser Extensions
Apps that make the browser experience that little bit better
Desktop Apps
Apps to super-charge your desktop
Web Apps
Apps that live on the Internet
3rd Party Integrations
Plug-ins that integrate with your favorite tools
Data Visualizations
Presenting data in an easy to understand way
Everything Else
You tell us!
We will be giving out Silver kitties and swag for winners in each category.
⏱ Timeline & Submission
How it'll go down
May 19th
📣 Announcement & Registration opens
May 25th
⏰ Submissions Opens
June 13th
👋 Submission Closes
June 16th
🔼 Voting Opens
June 22nd
🥁 Voting Closes
June 24th
🏅 Winners Announced!
This festival has ended.Check out the results here!

Getting Started 🚀
We know getting started with building a new application can involve a lot of boilerplate code. We have put together some simple steps that you can follow and have a web application consuming the API 2.0 up & running in no time.
  1. Create an OAuth application from the API dashboard.
  2. Clone the starter kit on Github. Follow setup guidelines in
  3. Use the GraphiQL Explorer to get familiar with the API.
  4. Refer to the API docs for further details.
  5. Happy Hacking! 💻