Facehub is the first ever mobile app with the ability to make face-to-face swap on iPhone 7 and up. The unique lip-synching technology uses machine learning to allow users to speak, laugh and make faces as their gestures are mirrored in real-time onto any other face of their choosing.

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This is similar to Muglife with different positioning. Well done, @garik_avetisyan and team. What was the hardest part in getting this to work well?
@rrhoover Thank you so much Ryan!!! It is honor to be on Product Hunt!!! We are different from Muglife in terms that we use machine learning to make real time face to face transfer directly from camera. The hardest part was to make our machine learning models to work real time on mobile devices!!! We worked hard with the team on that really hard !!!
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@garik_avetisyan @rrhoover -- I've hunted Muglife for PH, yeah facehub feels similar to Muglife...But this looks better than the former...Wow, impressed by the demo video. Unfortunately, Android user here, so couldn't test the app out. Any plans to release it as a web app, so it could be used universally.. :) (or Android App would be great too). Facehub is like Muglife 2.0 :) Good work guys..
@rrhoover @ramkumarhq Hello Ram, nice to meet you:) Android version is being cooked now, expect live this year :) but Android will work only on high end devices, there are a lot of processing under the hood and not all Android devices will be supported. Related to comparison with Muglife, we are a bit different, we capture face expression directly from the camera and any camera not depth camera using our ML algorithms, as well we transfer face expressions to cartoon characters and 3D emojis like Animojis, but for users on iPhone 7, 7+,8,8+ and besides users can share their memes on any social network, which is not the case with Animoji. Having said that another great differentiator, with Facehub you can say something with the face in photo that not yet possible with other apps.
@ramkumarhq Thank you for appreciation!!!

It would be great to have also voice transferred. As I understand technically it is easier than what you did.


Cool thing, great job!


Read "Tell us more" section :)

Chris, thank you for hunting Facehub, we are proud to be on Product Hunt! Dear Product Hunters, We are Facehub, small team from Yerevan, Armenia. We created innovative app that enables people to transfer their face expressions to any face. During the last 18 months we were working hard and overcame huge technical challenges to make our solution work on the limited mobile hardware capabilities. Hope people will make a lot of fun with Facehub. We’d appreciate your feedback, and new user experiences and ideas that you would suggest to be added to Facehub!

Would love to see it combined with voice transfer - then it would be a full fave video transfer. Looking forward to that feature!


Cool app to have fun with AI


Didn’t find any

Really liked the product and tried right-on on my iPhone. A bit bulky on the installation side.
@manojgupta5 Thank you Manoj, with coming updates the size will be decreased!