Meet and talk with Digital Humans

Imagine hearing Apple stories from Steve Jobs, discuss going to Mars with Elon Musk or ask the Dalai Lama about spirituality. Sidekik creates Digital Humans of the world's most extraordinary people so you can meet, speak and become friends with them.
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Let's crowdsource Sidekik's next digital human. Vote on your pick (or reply below):
Conan O'Brien
T. Swift
Mr. Rogers
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@rrhoover Haha, that's a great idea! Seems like Kanye is the man.
@rrhoover Deffo Kanye!
@rrhoover Also glad Bieber is 0%
Hey PH! 👋 I’m the CEO and co-founder of Sidekik. We bring digital humans alive. Last year my grandfather passed away. I felt a feeling familiar to a lot of people: I regretted not spending more time with him. I soon found myself diving into what he left behind - his letters, photographs, videos. So I asked a simple question of what if I could bring his memories alive again? That experience is what inspired the inception of Sidekik. Now, through AI & neural networks, we can bring data to life and currently we are doing so for the world's most remarkable people. Our long-term vision is 7 billion digital humans because we believe all of our legacies should have a voice. Please fire away with any questions you may have about our product, our team, our story, etc. Thank you for the hunt, @chrismessina! Avatars by @getwolf3d.
Oh nice. Gotta pick these brains, I need inspiration, RIGHT NOW.
Really really cool project, I think the digital preservation of folks is something really critical and opens up whole new avenues for learning, entertainment, and real conversations with people you'd never have a chance to meet in real life
@joelburke2014 Well said. When the Internet gave us access to all the world's general information, then Digital Humans will do the same on a personal level.
The same question to each of the AI personalities gave me similar but different answers, really cool!