Avatar influencer competition

Icon is a new social role playing game by Eternal. You compete to win the @POODLES Instagram account with over 100k followers.
1 - Download the app
2 - Swipe to find a background
3 - Record as Poodles
4 - Post to Instagram with @POODLES & #virtualicon
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Hey PH Community. My name is Reggie and I am the co-founder, CEO of Eternal. I'm excited to launch our first game with you, ICON. ICON is a social role playing game where you compete to win the @POODLES account on Instagram. The account has over 100k followers, making the winner an instant avatar influencer. Players compete by submitting a video or photo as an avatar, using our app. In our world the year is 2040 and you are living in Instagram City, previously known as Los Angeles. You are competing to be the new Poodles. They are a multiracial teen heart throb with over 100k followers. Icon is a very simple game 1 - Download the app - No login required. 2 - You see an Animoji like avatar on screen 3 - Record your video as Poodles 4 - Share it everywhere We want you to be fully you through Poodles. Record and post it to your Instagram. At the Poodles account. We will be viewing posts for a couple of weeks, and then our team will select the new Poodles and hand over the keys to the account. Minting you an avatar superstar.
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Love this. Nice work Reggie & team. πŸ™Œ
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@alexadelman can't wait to buy an identity through Eternal, and get Bitcoin back with Lolli ~future~
Aside from the competition, the app seems like an incredible way for anyone to create content as a virtual influencer. Any plans on adding different influencers that users can replicate? Really love it πŸ™Œ
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@lachlankirkwood Thanks so much! Not to give too much away, but we are working on an entire cast :)
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Go, @hipcityreg, go!


High fidelity avatar makes me feel like I’m really someone else


I want more customization options!

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You can't not get excited when you see something so different and surprising. That's how I feel about ICON. So many interesting pieces coming together, from avatars, to (huge air quote) "virtual second lives," to turning social influence into a game. Look forward to seeing what this leads to. Manuel Castells would be proud.
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@peterkringdon thanks so much for the kind words!
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