Express your cartoon self! LIVESTREAM as a TOONSTAR!

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Science keeps rocking it....
There are a bunch of teens using this to livestream and publish little cartoon clips. I used to film short clips with my Hi-8 camcorder as a kid. If only I had an iPhone and apps like this, Musically, Vine (RIP), I might be an internet starrrrrrr! 😁
@rrhoover never too late!! Roger Rabbit?? Be a TOON STARRRRRR
@rrhoover express your cartoon self!! people are hosting their own broadcasts, reacting to popular videos and doing a cartoon character!
Help me grok. Bitmoji for all video. Works on multiple live streaming services plus you can save the content?
@mackflavelle yes livestream as a cartoon character....sing, dance, make videos....can even add your own BG vid....think Roger Rabbit!!
@luisahuang fun. i'm big on Roger, so this is neat.
@mackflavelle @luisahuang Roger had a huge influence on me as a kid...groundbreaking for the day
Super cool to see all the cartoon livestreams + videos that are coming from Toonstar! We built it bc we think the cartoon genre isn't getting enough love in the mobile space and people are looking for more engaging ways to create + play + watch + share cartoon characters. The tech never existed to livestream + role play as a cartoon, but now it does...i'm in!
@johnattanasio5 I agree the cartoon genre needs more attention from mobile devices! Great job! congrats :D
The facial expression tracking is what makes this really fun.
@abenzer add your own background vid...presto! Roger Rabbit!