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May 14th, 2019

A new “smart drug” to help you focus

Two years ago, the team at More Labs launched Morning Recovery with a science-based approach to treating hangovers. How? Morning Recovery uses DHM, a liver-boosting supplement, to break down alcoholic toxins and help you bounce back after a night of drinking. 🍹

What folks thought of their initial launch on Product Hunt:

“You have no idea how much I need this, this morning.” - Erwin

“As an entrepreneur in the alcohol industry, I'm definitely going to check this out.” - Brad

It's a great product in a cute bottle that's easy to down before a night of drinking/before bed. Has definitely helped with my hangovers and will continue to use.” - Emily

Now, More Labs is back with a new science-backed product — Liquid Focus.

The company describes Liquid Focus is a safer, healthier alternative to focus drugs like Adderall. The liquid dietary supplement was developed by an ex-FDA scientist, and is made with natural and FDA compliant ingredients.

What it's not: an energy drink. 💥

Unlike energy drinks, it's not loaded with caffeine or sugar. Unlike Adderall, its ingredients won't create dependency. Oh, and it's grapefruit-flavored.

Some initial comments from the community:

“ I can’t wait to try and add this into my rotation. I travel a lot and constantly live in perpetual jet lag.” - Alex

“This would be super amazing if it works since I've always been looking for something that doesn't give coffee breath but is stronger than tea.” - Mark

“I’m pretty much coffee addicted, so excited to try something that gives more stable focus without the jitters!” - Vera

More Labs isn’t the only company producing cognitive-enhancing beverages. Do your research before consumption. And check out these other unconventional drinks:

😌 Kin Euphorics for the buzz without the alcohol

💧 Liquid Death Mountain Water for canned water

💦 Recess for sparkling water with adaptogens in a pretty can

🥤 Ugly Drinks for a flavored sparkling water subscription

🌱 DRAM for Lemongrass CBD sparkling water

Try Liquid Focus

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