Ugly Drinks

Flavored sparkling water subscription

Ugly Drinks is a flavored sparkling water subscription service (peach, cherry, and lemon lime) that is coming for your La Croix with a POP Art / Street Graffiti style... Will a sharp brand and simple product be enough to change the hearts and minds of tech co's refrigerators?

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Many thanks Duane for the support & love! Hello everyone! I'm Hugh - the Co-Founder of Ugly. Ugly Drinks are here to tell The Ugly Truth! In a world of fake news and alternative facts, we created Ugly to do just that. No sugar, No sweetener, No calories and nothing artificial. It’s the perfect alternative to sugary or sweetened carbonated soft drinks – we want to challenge the status quo. Started in the UK, by 2 friends, Ugly is a range of 100% natural, fruit flavoured sparkling waters, now available across the United States and UK for your home or office via our subscription service. Alongside telling the Ugly Truth about soda…we’re here to challenge global gender inequality, and partner with Girl Up ( to donate 1 cent (US) and 1 pence (UK) from every can sold to supporting girls around the world. Subscribe to Ugly and never run out of sparkling water in your chiller again with regular deliveries of your favorite flavors to your door. Get started with a trial pack (18 cans with all 3 flavors; Lemon Lime, Cherry and Peach included) here: - for PH users, you can use the code ‘UGLYHUNT10’ for 10% off your first order too! We love to hear The Ugly Truth and would really value your honest feedback – we really hope you love it! Hugh & Team Ugly
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@hughthomas6 I often see Ugly drinks at tech events I attend - the branding is hard to miss, colorful and fun. Pretty tasty, too. Congrats on launching!
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@abadesi Thanks so much for the kind words & great to hear that we are unmissable!
@hughthomas6 Hey there, are the favours you've mentioned and trial US only? Would really love to try :)
@daleanthony Hi Dale - yes, we have different flavors in the UK; Lemon & Lime, Triple Berry, Orange and Tropical :)

By far the best flavored sparkling water drink. I want to drink it daily. $9 for an 18 pack is steep but doable. $23 for an 18 pack is Ridiculous. If and when I become a Rockefeller or Gates, I’ll start ordering again. I’m hoping at some point $9 becomes the norm. Love the product but will have to go to lacroix, Hansen’s, or Waterloo until Ugly gets less expensive.


Tastes great. No calories or dangerous ingredients.


Cost per can $1.27 after the trial box

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Thanks for the feedback, Matt! Appreciate the kind words and we will work on making these improvements over time!
We have Ugly delivered to our new office every month. I just grabbed a can and we are already down to only 2 left! We literally can't keep them stocked. Big fan of the lemon lime flavor. One of the best I've ever tried.
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@itsthisjustin that's so awesome to hear, Justin!! Glad they're going down well.
@itsthisjustin @hughthomas6 YES. These are the best to have in the office
Love the branding, ordered the sample pack! Where can I buy some sweet stickers?? We've also added Ugly to our catalog on 🎉
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@matvogels thanks so much for the support, Mat! Stickers in every delivery - so they'll be in the sample box for you! Thanks for featuring us - means a lot!
@hughthomas6 YESSSSSSS Awesome!
@hughthomas6 Just got the email that it will be delivered TODAY 🙌

Ugly is delicious and beautiful. Love the graphics they use in their campaigns, and that the product tastes good. La Croix has more flavors but there are only 2 I like anyway - Please do not make a coconut... just sayin


Tasty, Nice Branding, At home delivery



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Noted ;) ! Thanks Duane!