Kin Euphorics makes a first-of-its-kind beverage that gives you a buzz without the booze. Euphorics are created from a stack of adaptogens+nootropics+botanics that stimulate your neurochemistry to provide blissful feelings including clarity, focus, flow, and calm. High Rhode lifts your mood and dissolves stress with no hangover the next day.

  • Cosmo Jones
    Cosmo JonesECD at The Boathouse

    The packaging is nice!


    Honestly, I am not sure I felt much of a buzz. The reason I wouldn't keep trying is solely around the taste.

    My experience was not like many others. I fully realize I could be an outlier, but the taste for me was a deal breaker. I tried at least 4 different mixing combinations using mostly fruit juices and sparkling water. I played with the ratio starting with the recommended amount, and bumping it up a bit on the 3rd and 4th attempts. Admittedly, I don't drink alcohol very often, so my mixology skills are weak for sure. Only other conflct might be that I vape CBD at night to combat insomnia, not sure how that might affect the same brain bits that Kin is also perhaps trying to hit. I definitely would encourage people to try it though, they might have a much different experience. At the price point, I wouldn't keep experimenting for myself but if they come out with a new formula I would certainly try again. I'm a fan of the concept for sure!

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  • Pros: 

    Flavor. Convenience.


    Available in my fridge right now.

    I don't drink. So being able to have a cocktail without the alcohol is key, but shirley temples are just sugar and crap. So this makes so much sense and it's well delivered.

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Mingling in the ingredients is 'Phenibut' (, a notably euphoric GABAergic sedative-anxiolytic not dissimilar to alcohol, but with only decades (vs millennia) of history of human consumption. It's a controlled substance in Australia, a prescription drug in Russia, and a widely used recreational drug everywhere else. Like any drug or medication, but especially of this category, it has known side-effects, a limited dose-response curve/overdose limit, cross-interactions with other drugs, and chronic consumption produces tolerance, dependance/addiction, and withdrawal. For these fairly mundane reasons, it seems like it would be appropriate for the product/website to be more upfront about the inclusion of Phenibut as an ingredient, and display *how much* it contains, so customers can practice safe/careful consumption.
Thanks for sharing Kin, @chrismessina! Hello everyone, I'm new to the PH community and appreciate the warm welcome. We're still in our early stages of defining what all Kin can be/do/inspire for a world of thoughtful revelers and are grateful for your feedback. #AMA Kin exists because a sophisticated, well-stacked, and thoughtful alternative did not .... not at the bar anyway. Like many of you, we were seeing our own alcohol consumption decline with the rise of our own ambitions (and experience - turns out, hangovers are the devil). That said, we're not making this product just so people can get a (not so) cheap alternative high. And we're definitely not curing hangovers. We believe in achieving bliss by working with the biochemistry of the individual, not against it. Our blend of rhodiola rosea (a powerful adaptogen) and functional herbs that are calming to the nervous system work to balance adrenals and your endocrinology which helps pave the way for nootropics like phenibut, gaba, and tyrosine to support cognition and deliver a subtle rise of focused relaxation. Key word: subtle rise. Our formulation philosophy aligns with our mission to give more people more reasons to revel together, uniting all creatives by way of sound mind and subtly elevated experiences. One serving of Kin contains a microdose of each listed ingredient, intended to deliver a fraction (1/8-1/4) of a standard supplemental dosage of each, so Kin can be enjoyed mixed and sipped throughout the night. The goal was to help you rise with confidence and revel smarter, no matter who you're with or where you are. Cheers! Jen Batchelor
This sounds pretty exciting, if the effects are on par with what's being shared here. My only concern is the phenibut, a drug usually available under prescription in Russia (but sold in a somewhat gray area) is a key ingredient. Phenibut helps with social anxiety and can give a sense of euphoria, which makes sense why it's in the Kin formula. However, doses as much as a few hundred mg can be addictive with regular consumption.
@michaelibrooks this is a very important point. Phenibut, citicholine, 5-thp and caffeine have strong effects at high doses. The beauty of drinks is the regulated consumption. A Kin drink has less than 150mg of Phenibut and we guide people to drink less than four in a day. We know how hard it is to make something that’s safe. That’s why we listen to our customers and constantly improve.
@michaelibrooks @caublestone "The beauty of drinks is the regulated consumption." <- this has historically played out well with all kinds of things, alcohol, sugar, pain killers...
So much of culture revolves around alcohol, a social lubricant that brings people together but sometimes many people don't want to drink. I used to skip on many parties or nights out in college because I didn't want to sip on a beer and yell over terrible music at the local pub. 😆 Excited to see Kin shipping (my order arrives soon – disclaimer: I'm in investor) and other alcohol alternatives like Recess enter the market.
Was skeptical at first but this product really works! Shared half a bottle with friends before going out and it really created a vibe. The conversation was flowing and everyone was feeling great. We all felt super clear and on point too. I found it mixed well with some soda and lemon - it adds its own herbal aroma/taste. 0 calories too which is a major plus! Curious if they will launch other flavors.