DRAM Lemongrass CBD Sparkling Water

Drink your daily stress management — for body & mind

#3 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2018

A motivating and energizing blend of adaptogenic herbs, lively Lemongrass and Colorado grown CBD designed to:

• Improve energy levels & concentration without stimulants

•Banish brain fog & mental fatigue

•Promote long term physical and mental endurance

•Turn down the volume on anxiety

•Unravel stress

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In August 2017, a study published in JAMA states that 26% of CBD products tested had lower CBD levels than advertised. Some products had detectable levels of THC sufficient to cause intoxication. https://jamanetwork.com/journals... What efforts have you taken to address these concerns? 1. Inaccurate advertised CBD levels and 2. Possible presence of THC? Thanks!
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@mpascoe We use pharma grade quality isolate (GMP certified) made from organic Colorado grown hemp. We 3rd party test our CBD to make sure our levels are as advertised and that our products contain 99.96% pure CBD. Being concerned with exactly what you mention above, we've gone through a lot of effort to make sure our customers to get exactly what is printed on the label.
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@mpascoe @bradybecker so put in some 22% thc and sell it for 5 bucks a can bet you get rich pretty quickly.
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@denbectec ha! Profits > Public health :-/
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Hi there — Thanks for hunting DRAM! Backstory— We started making products about 7 years ago and have since become nationally renowned for our award winning herbal bitters, syrups, switchels and canned drinks. We live in the Rocky Mountains and draw inspiration from the from the Colorado wilds, as well as wild foraged ingredients. Our goal is to celebrate unadulterated, exquisite flavors from real herbs, roots, flowers etc (never using any synthetic "Natural Flavor", oils or dyes. Our products are created for people excited about a new way of living. Why are we making this? — We’re make products we want to consume, made from real organic ingredients. Whats next? — This is the first of a handful of new CBD and adaptogenic products.
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@bradybecker were you guys in talks with the agua group?
The law recently changed to allow shipping CBD products — so it'll be interesting to see what other new CBD-containing products make their way to the consumer market. Also, a personal note... I first encountered @bradybecker over a decade ago when he was starting up Brightkite, an early location-based social network.
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@chrismessina can you point me to the law, please?
Great label design
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@frantzlight thanks! (I do all the labels and branding)
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Great job !! 😊
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