Liquid Focus is a beverage formulated with clinically-proven ingredients to enhance your focus and productivity. It's made with safe, natural, and FDA-compliant ingredients to take you to your sharpest self without crash or jitters.
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Hello PH community! We’re excited to unveil a new product at More Labs designed to boost your focus and productivity. Liquid Focus is a 100ml liquid dietary supplement formulated with safe, natural, and FDA-compliant ingredients to take you to your sharpest self without crash or jitters. === Developed by ex-FDA scientist === Product development was led by Dr. Fu Chen, our head of R&D at More Labs. He was previously a fellow at FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences with focus on drug delivery. === It's not an energy drink === We learned that to counter an unfocused brain, prescription drugs use amphetamines to force the release of neurotransmitters, designed to increase alertness, focus, and cognitive control. We looked for ways to mimic the positive effects without the drawbacks (full ingredient list on our site). The result is a safe alternative, unlike conventional energy drinks out in the market. === Sample feedback === We’ve given out samples to first thousand subscribers on our site. Look out for their feedback posted here as well as our fb group ( over the next two weeks. [EDIT] Samples requested by the Product Hunt community on the 14th are being sent out. We closed off further sample requests & testing. Liquid Focus will go on sale May 28th. Please ask us any questions you have below. Sisun
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@morelabs @sisunlee Just sent you email with a shipping address. Looking forward to ending my daily half-14 nap.
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@hasan_diwan looking forward to feedback soon!
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@morelabs @sisunlee @hasan_diwan then try Keto diet 😋
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@morelabs @sisunlee I feel like the "full ingredients list" on your website needs to be done in the form of a label, with amounts listed.
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@morelabs @rossdcurrie we actually have a few different samples made for testing (which vary slightly in amounts of theacrine, yohimbe, flavor/sugar used). this is why we haven't put up a label yet as the final version launching hasn't been decided. we go live for sale on May 28. we'll be sure to update with label then. thank you!
Hi. I'm definitely interested in your product and really want to try it (anything that can help me get my thesis done faster!), but I'm a little skeptical/afraid when it comes to health-related products—especially when deliberately presented as replacements for prescriptions. 1. I understand that Dr. Chen used to work at the FDA, which is great. But has the product itself or statements about the product been evaluated by the FDA? If not, then has the FDA evaluated the efficacy and safety of all the ingredients? 2. Would you please describe how the product was tested? (For example, was a double-blind study performed? Was the study performed by a neutral third party? Is that study publicly available?) 3. Can people who are prescribed adderall, trintellix, etc. continue to take those prescriptions if they start drinking Liquid Focus? If so, will Liquid Focus still provide them with an appreciable boost in energy, focus, and motivation? 4. Can the product be used daily without diminishing its effect over time? Are there any instructions for using it (other than "remove the cap" and "drink it")? Can it be misused? 5. Can you talk a little bit more about how the product affects motivation specifically (as opposed to energy and focus)? 6. I saw that it will be grapefruit flavored. Are additional flavors planned? Thank you very much for being so active in answering questions!
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@james_laslavic Hi James, thank you for your questions. 1. FDA currently does not review or approve dietary supplement product. FDA does not evaluated the efficacy of dietary ingredients unless the ingredients are used to support structure-function claims (such as 'calcium support bone health'). It is the manufacturer's responsibility to review and evaluate the safety of the ingredients and the product. FDA has the right to ban a product if they think the product is not safe. 2. We are scheduled to conduct a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trail through a third-party in July. Once the study is completed, we will publish the data. 3. If you are on any prescription or OTC medication, you should not take Liquid Focus or any dietary supplement for that matter. Drug and nutrient interaction is very complicated. There is always a risk when taking medicine with dietary supplement. So I would advise against taking liquid focus if you are also taking prescribed drug. 4. There is no evidence suggesting people would build tolerance over time with liquid focus. Especially with ingredients such as mucuna pruriens etc which only work to replenish and provide the vital neurotransmitters when you need it, but doesn't force neurotransmitter build up when you don't need them. But that being said, anything can be dangerous when over done. Coffee is perfectly safe when you drink a few cups a day, but when you drink 20 cups in an hours, it could be life threatening. Same goes with Liquid Focus. 5. Motivation is a very large and complex issue. Liquid Focus addresses with problem from a neuroscience perspective. Liquid Focus contains ingredients such as mucuna pruriens, which help to support the natural production of neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is an important molecule for reward-motivated behaviors. But unlike illegal drugs which force the accumulation of dopamine in brain, Liquid Focus support the its natural production therefore, no tolerance, no addiction, or withdraw symptoms. A much healthier way to study focus and motivated. 6. Of course, if there is a demand for other flavors, we will definitely consider. Let me know what's your favorite flavor?
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@james_laslavic great set of questions, esp no# 1, 2 and 3
@james_laslavic @fuchen17828942 Will you actually publish results that show your product is as useful as a placebo? I find that hard to believe considering you’re marketing it before this testing takes place.
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@james_laslavic @lukees I don't see why not. Failed experiments are just as useful as successful ones. We learn and we improve. One can only innovate through failures.
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@james_laslavic @fuchen17828942 My follow up questions would be: 1. Are there any plans to market this product in Europe? If not why not? 2. As you qualified your product as 'dietary supplement' may I note that according to EFSA "they are not medicinal products and as such cannot exert a pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action" meaning they cannot "modify physiological functions" as such this drink cannot provide any of the benefits marketed, right? 3. Are all the ingredients legal in the EU?

Oh great. Now Product Hunt is spamming me with advertisements for a new "smart drug" scam. These have been around for decades. This product is almost certainly no different than any of the others. They throw fancy marketing jargon such as "FDA-approved ingredients" in their description, but these products have absolutely zero scientific evidence backing them. The number of generic "can't wait to try this!" comments here make this scream fake to me, much like 95% of the reviews you'll find for other "smart drugs" on Amazon. Not falling for this, blocking notifications from ProductHunt officially now as a result. What was once a nice site is now used to promote random untested smart drug products. Great.




See below

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I don't that a vitamin drink classifies as a drug
This is awesome. I can’t wait to try and add this into my rotation. I travel a lot and constantly live in perpetual jet lag. In general I avoid energy drinks and pound coffee. Question: What kind of effects can a consumer expect?
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@luvandp3ace Hi Alex, thank you for the question. I am the Head of Product Development at More Labs and I formulated Liquid Focus myself. Liquid Focus is designed to help you focus and concentrate, feel energized and motivated all day long without crash. I works in 3 ways: 1 it contain ingredients such as Mucuna extract and Huperzine-A that help support the natural production of neurotransmitters, which are important for focus, learning and memory; 2 it contain L-theanine which is synergistic with caffeine to boost alertness and attention without crash; 3 it contains vital B vitamins which can help transfer food and nutrients into energy molecule ATP to power up the brain. When we tested the product internally, most people reported an immediate effect of feeling energized, motivated after using (in about 30 min), and the effect last throughout the day. They feel they can concentrate better than usual and definitely get a lot more done than they normally would.
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@luvandp3ace @fuchen17828942 can you speak more to how these tests were conducted?
@luvandp3ace @lukees We are planning on conducting a double blind placebo controlled clinical study this summer.
Re you serious think nobody would understand that this comments about "can't wait to try!" are fake lol?
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@miketakeoverer Can't speak for anyone else, but I can assure you that all of my comments -- here and elsewhere on the site -- are real.
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