Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 13th, 2019

The *new* social media influencer

The next frontier of *influencers* may crop up in an unexpected place: Quora.

Yesterday, Find Better Questions launched on Product Hunt to help marketers answer Quora’s best questions and generate traffic. As Quora has over 15 million questions on its site, you could spend hours searching for the best question. This takes care of that in minutes.

How Find Better Questions works: You simply insert a Quora URL (like and the tool will automatically give you a list of matching questions along with stats for weekly views and followers.

And as it turns out, people really needed this tool. From the comments:

“One of the most valuable additions to any Quora marketing toolkit” - Alex

“Already using it for OpenPhone. Previous methods involved a lot of manual searches. This is exactly what we've been looking for.” - Daryna

“This is the tool I never knew I needed” - Mason

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think of it over here.

For those looking for other types of “Quora’s” there’s a Q&A site for everything:

🎬 Tumbleweed is Quora for the news (in video)
📝 Writtens is Quora for writers
👀 Convoz is Quora for celebrities (also in video)
🙌 Symphosis is Quora for the startup world
💪 Stack Overflow for Teams is Quora with just your teammates

Find Better Questions

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