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Convoz is the place for creating public collaborative conversations. If you have a thought, opinion, or feeling, this is the place to share.

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What's up Product Hunters? My name is Chamillionaire, but most people call me Cham for short. I know many of you might know me as a musician, but aside from being "that guy that sings that song Ridin' Dirty", I'm also a life-long entrepreneur, a startup investor, and the founder of a mobile video startup called Convoz. I would like to send a big salute to @rrhoover and the rest of the Product Hunt team for creating such an amazing community of people and curated tech content. I'm definitely a fan, and I have found a lot of useful products since the day I first bookmarked it, and now my Co-Founder Nsilo (@beatbullies) and I are glad that we finally have a chance to launch a product of our own. Convoz is a social video app that allows you to have face to face and collaborative conversations with others about current events. We are working to build a platform that greatly reduces the trolling, spamming, fake bots, abuse, and overall negativity that we've seen plaguing most social media platforms over the years. We are still very early in our journey, but we hope to be able to provide value to everyone who wants to meet new people, make new connections, learn new things, talk about interesting topics, or just have face to face interactions with people you admire. I've seen enough of these Product Hunt launches to know that this is the part where I'm supposed to dive into the comments and respond to as many people as I can, buuuuuuuuut since we are launching a communication app here today, I will try to respond (face-to-face) to as many people as I can if you send me a message in the Convoz app. Convoz is currently available in the IOS app store and will be released on Android at a later date. I'll try to answer a few questions here too, but you never know, it could be my start-up loving & social media savvy assistant who hacked into my account pretending to be me on Product Hunt! Covfefe J/k. Ha. PS - Long after we disappear into the start-up abyss of Slack notifications, Jira tickets, and Testflight builds, you can always feel free to reach out to us at Your feedback is always appreciated. Thank you Product Hunters, check out Convoz and come join in on the conversations.
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@rrhoover @beatbullies @convoz @chamillionaire When are we getting the Android version?
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Loved seeing your presentation with @snoopdogg at the Upfront Summit this year, @chamillionaire.
I've been following Convoz a few months since its quiet release and have noticed some people get into heavy topics. What's the most surprising thing you've seen on Convoz so far, Cham?
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This seems similar in a lot of ways to what Casey Neistat was trying to do with Beme (and at CNN)—why do you think you will succeed where he failed? (I love the premise but it just seems really difficult to pull off).
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@cpdis Beme Panels was really interesting, mixing UGC video responses along with high production value videos (distributed on YouTube).
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@cpdis Hey Colin, thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is like deja-vu for me because I have heard "I love the premise but it seems really difficult to pull off" at every stage of my life. I salute all entrepreneurs who are courageous enough to tackle the difficult task of building a successful company, and in my opinion it's never supposed to be easy. All of the founders, entrepreneurs, and business people I look up to took difficult paths, but they all took the leap of faith and didn't let the fear of failure stop them from trying to accomplish things that they felt were worth it. Everyone's path is different though. Honestly, as I write this I'm trying really hard to think up something that isn't difficult. I mean, I can think back at all of the things I tried to tackle in the past and can't think up one that was easy. Man something as simple as remembering to immediately call my caring mother back after I get off a business call seems so easy, but sometimes I admittedly get caught up trying to take over the world and even that gets difficult. I'm glad she taught me to appreciate and embrace the possibility of failure, because I know that's one of the reasons I made it this far. So to answer your question: "Why do you think you will succeed?" + "I love the premise but it seems really difficult to pull off" = the story of my life.
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@chamillionaire Incredible answer. Thank you 🙏🏼
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Great pitch. What many don't know is that @chamillionaire has been diligently building up to this (studying the space, connecting w vc's & founders, building networks, investing) for over a decade. I'm inspired by those who have the focus to play the long game in a world that begs us not to. Convoz looks cool. As convos w/ celebs seems to be part of Convoz core value prop, are there tools built into the platform (or plans to be built) that help the influencers/ celebs manage the thousands of inbound Convoz they'll be getting? I know that you mentioned how the trolls/ haters can easily be igged so nobody sees them. What about the thousands of legit fans who will be sending you or Snoop Convoz requests every single day once this really hits its stride? Can't wait to check an Android version out.
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The presentation was epic 🔥 Looking forward to try it out when you launch on Android!
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