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Jon Robert Bradford
@jonnydreams · CEO @ Colab
Wow, so I'm late the the Party!? Thanks @rrhoover for hunting this! I'm pretty sure the election results have made everybody, from both sides, feel more strongly about the next four years than any other possible outcome. We made this app to help facilitate the discussion necessary to create the change we need! In a time where the internet is filled with so … See more
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
If Whale and New York Times had a baby, this might be it. I really like the concept, if they can build a healthy community and attract entertaining/insightful contributors (it's hard to produce good video). Downloading this now. Will report back with impressions. 😊
Artur Kiulian
@arturkiulian · Partner at Colab
Thanks for hunting us @rrhoover! Hello everyone, today we are happy to introduce Tumbleweed, a platform to speak openly and honestly about the topics that matter 🎉 I'm sure @mrciscoadler and @shaunneff will add more comments to this since we've been working really hard to make something that could truly reinvent how people consume/react to news and curren… See more
Shaun Neff
@shaunneff · Shaun Neff TUMBLEWEED. NEFF. SUNBUM
Thanks Ryan. We feel that a digital soapbox is needed in this ever changing and wild world we live in. TUMBLEWEED offers a platform with purpose to consume and discuss real topics we face everyday that effect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. As the community grows we hope this allows real conversations about real issues and let's flip the script on… See more
Serge Efap
Big fan of the UI and the unique concept behind Tumbleweed. I've been beta testing the app and I believe that it is very important that the power gets put into the hands of the people who are experiencing certain issues, which does not happen now in traditional news reporting. One feature that I enjoy in particular is being able to pitch your own stories d… See more
Mike Melanin
@mike_melanin · Co-founder @ Statsbot.co
Finally! Something new in social!