Quora for writers, ask questions and get advice.

Writtens is a a place for writers to ask and get answers to writing questions from other writers. It's quora but solely focussed on the needs of writers.
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Hey writers out there, As always, thanks in advance for your support of Writtens, a place for writers to ask writing questions and get written answers from other writers. Writtens is much like Quora but laser focussed on the needs of writers. Getting started is easy: πŸ™‹ Click "Ask a question" πŸ€” Enter your question πŸ”– Add at least one tag πŸ”— Add relevant websites for context and to help others find your question easier. 🧐 Optionally, ask up to three people to answer your question if you think they are qualified. 🌟 You can follow other people and grow your own following in the process of answer questions and growing your influence. πŸ’¬ Using PenChat, you can live chat with other writers directly. This is the MVP, so rest assured that there is much more to come. I'll be on all day to answer questions.
Hi, As an author who's only written non-fiction books, would this work for me? Or should I think it as geared more towards fiction writers? Good luck!
Hey @ozandagdeviren, good question. It's not geared more towards either. The site is setup for any writer to learn from any other writer who may have answers to their questions. You can tag your questions and set relevant websites to give context. The goal is for it to be a central forum for writers.
Cool tool! Always love to see more resources for writers :)