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#5 Product of the DayJune 06, 2018

Symphosis a crowdsourced knowledge platform that allows you to share and curate resources about topics such as design, startup, programming, crypto, or AI.

Curate decks of cards, upvote/star decks and share that with others in the community or people in your network.

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Happy to see the launch of Symphosis! Great work @keshav_narula. Excited to see the decks people create, and eager to learn some new stuff! What made you want to build this?
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@pottsjustin (thanks for the hunt). 👋 Hi Product Hunt, Early this year, I had about 5-6 friends reach out to me who wanted to learn about design and programming but didn’t know where to start. I dug through my bookmarks and created a long email template with resources I sent to them, but part of learning + sharing is collaborating, curating, and allowing others to create and personalize their own set of resources. That’s when Symphosis was born, with a simple mission: streamline knowledge to allow others to share and learn. If your friends ask you, “Hey, I wanna learn React”, you can send them to "React 101" deck. If they want to learn about how to manage a startup’s finances, they can go and find the right resources created by experts in the startup community. I’m so happy to share this with this community because you guys are one some of the most helpful and inspiring individuals here! I’m excited to see what people share with others! 🙏 Feedback is greatly appreciated, and I’d love to work with you all to improve the platform and user experience to make it as valuable as possible. Happy to answer any questions!
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Nice work on the design, @keshav_narula. Why lock the content behind a registration though? I get why this is valuable for you but I would expect most people to bounce from the site before they're able to see content/get value.
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@rrhoover Hey Ryan, good point. There is a way for people to browse, but it wasn't obvious. Just added a browse button on the landing page! :)
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Symphosis is a great way to curate knowledge.
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@keshav_narula I need to say, this product looks and works amazing! Congrats! But to make the product more useful, please make it useable when you're not logged in. Many people don't want to log in to use a website. Also maybe you find interesting. Just my 2ct's (:
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@grudonr Yes, it wasn't obvious enough. Now you can go to the landing page and browse decks.
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@keshav_narula Awesome! I wish you much success.
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I was one of the people he shared his IX ressource with! It was super helpful, also get asked about marketing materials a lot this makes easier to share!
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