Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 17th, 2019

Your "no-code" break into tech

Last year, we ran our first-ever Makers Festival, where we encouraged people from all walks of life to make, tinker with, and launch projects.

We saw over 2,000 makers participate, all competing for the coveted Silver Kitty trophy. 😺

We're excited to announce that the Makers Festival is back — but with a twist. This Makers Festival will be “no-code” themed.

Over the past year we've seen an upwards trend of makers building amazing products without ever writing a line of code, and we want to celebrate this. Anyone, regardless of technical ability, can create and launch a product. 🚀

And we're partnering with Coda to help you build these ideas! Coda is a new type of doc that grows with your ideas — aka it's perfect for building and launching products.

This year we have five themes to help give you some inspiration. Your project can relate to one of them or you can work on something totally different.

Our themes are listed below with linked Product Hunt collections to inspire you:

Makers Festival is your time to bring your ideas to life. No code required. And there will be a special “Maker in Chief” prize for the best Coda doc of the Festival. Registration is now open and closes Sunday March 24.

We cannot wait to see what you build! 🙌

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