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March 12th, 2019

Our new club for founders

At Product Hunt, we see a ton of product launches from makers with different backgrounds and levels of experience happen every day. But what happens after a successful launch? 🚀

As ideas start to grow into actual businesses, the number of tools and services you need to keep operations running smoothly grows as well. Here at Product Hunt, we currently use 39 (!) products across our team.

When it comes to choosing and implementing these services as a founder, the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming — and prices can add up quickly. So we're launching a solution: Founder Club.

What it is

Founder Club is a curated collection of top products and services designed to help you start and grow your business. To start, we've partnered with 27 companies to offer great deals on these tools to club members. Our launch partners are:

  • StickerMule - 100 custom die cut stickers for $29
  • AWS Activate - $5,000 in credits
  • Sentry - $150 credit
  • Baremetrics - 30% off
  • Hubspot - 30% off and 15% ongoing
  • Hootsuite - 50% off
  • Adespresso - 40% off
  • Asana - 30% off
  • Typeform - 50% off yearly Pro plans
  • WeWork - 10 - 20% off
  • Mailjet - 1 year free on the Sliver Premium Plan
  • Slab - 50% off for 12 months
  • Mixmax - 30% off for 12 months
  • Segment - $25,000 credits applicable to Segment's Team plan
  • Gusto - 3 months free
  • Sketch - 30% off
  • iubenda - 30% off Privacy Policy Generator + Cookie Solution
  • Aircall: 25% off for 1-Year
  • The Information: $150 off
  • Calm: 30% off
  • Pusher: 6 months of Chatkit free
  • Instabug: $500 credits
  • Browserstack: 30% off live 5-user plan
  • Algolia: $1000 credit
  • OpenPhone: 40% off for 1 year
  • Rover: $25 credit
  • Xero - 25% off for 6 months
  • Product Hunt: discounts sprinkled in, including 50% off on Ship and Job listings 😸


Founder Club is a subscription-based membership, priced annually.

  • Discounted launch pricing (expires on March 15): $30/month charged annually
  • Regular pricing: $60/month charged annually

How to join

From now until March 15, anyone can join Founder Club to redeem these deals. On March 15, folks who want to join will be placed on a waitlist so we can make sure we're able to provide the best experience for our club members. 😻

Join the Founder Club.

Join the club

In this week's episode of Product Hunt Radio, Lambda School’s Austen Allred joins us to chat about:

🎓 The inherent inflexibility of education
📝 How Lambda School wants to change how people train and find careers
🤑 Why Austen took venture capital if though he said he wouldn't

Listen now and big thanks to our sponsor AngelList, FreshBooks and Bubble for their support. 😸

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