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#1 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2019
Core is the latest evolution in UI kits. Ditch the stunning-but-worthless UI kits of the past, with their inconsistent styles, unusable app components, and frustrating limitations. Design and deploy *something real* with this Mason front-end feature kit.
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UI kits are everywhere, and in theory they’re almost magical - instant access to beautifully designed Sketch files that you can use right away in your own designs. What’s not to love, right? But in reality, they’re just smoke and mirrors. Styles are inconsistent and they're filled with unusable components that no developer on Earth wants to code out. And worst of all? They don’t get you any closer to the actual functioning features you’re designing for in the first place. We wanted to make something different—a kit full of features that are *usable* and able to be deployed into your application out of the box. Enter Core. Core is our first of many essential frontend feature kits inside Mason. With Core, you can build a beautiful hero banner, a slick navigation bar, a data-powered content feed, or an insanely complex Stripe-powered checkout flow… or any combination thereof. Just like every other feature in Mason, the features in your kit just work, in your own frontend. Tweak your styles, connect your API endpoints, drop the code into your codebase, and you’re live. Building with Mason means never reinventing front-end solutions again. Building with Core gets you started at light speed. Thanks for your support—we can’t wait to see what you’ll create. Try us out for free today.
Tried it out and I’m very impressed with the polished design and ease of use. Great job!👏👏👏
@david_q_jin Happy to hear! All credit goes to @hellodusko :D
Looks great, is it really free? (for commercial use). What's your plan to make money?
@prakis Yes, completely free to get started and for small teams. We publish our pricing at
@prakis @thomasmclaughlin Super great work! At the very least I see this as a giant leap forward for bringing light-speed to the UX/UI design and development process on CTAs, landings, on-boarding, etc and getting to iteration much sooner and more productive. Congrats on this launch y'all!
thats awesome piece! amazing, great work 👏