Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 19th, 2019

Shopify’s new competitor

Yesterday, Webflow launched a new tool called 'Webflow Ecommerce' — an entirely visual platform for building and launching online stores. The tool is a direct competitor with Shopify, the current leader in an easy-to-use solutions for digital stores.

But here's Webflow's edge: It's code-free.

Y Combinator graduate, Webflow, has been around since 2013 — it's a an all-in-one web design/CMS/hosting platform. And users love it.

“This is an *amazing* tool. I've done front-end web dev for a decade and I would rather build sites using this tool.” - Sameer, 2013

“Webflow is such a powerful tool for Makers.” - Julie, yesterday

And here's why Webflow Ecommerce could take market share away from Shopify: Makers want flexible, customizable, powerful, code-free tools. It's another example of the rise of rise of “no code.”

This month alone, we've seen these code-free products launch:

🚀 Actiondesk is a Google Sheets/Zapier hybrid
🚀 Glide lets you create mobile apps from Google Sheets
🚀 Tinybot helps you create powerful Twitter bots without code
🚀 Sheety turns Google Sheets into an API
🚀 Look Mom No Code gives you no-code templates for your next startup

In fact, three of the top five products on Product Hunt yesterday use Webflow to power their websites. 😳

Note: Shopify’s not doing so bad themselves:

So we're eager to watch how no-code unfolds in the land of ecommerce. 👀

Sell on Webflow

In this week's episode of Product Hunt Radio, Scalar Capital's Linda Xie joins us to chat about:

🤑 How she first became interested in crypto (back when Bitcoin was $200)
👀 How to use the power of communities to source deals
😲The most exciting (and world-changing) applications of cryptocurrencies

Listen now and big thanks to our sponsor AngelList and FreshBooksfor their support. 😸

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