Easily create powerful Twitter bots, no code necessary

Go from idea to bot in minutes

Whether you want to build an audience, generate leads, or just have some fun, tinybot helps you create and manage multiple twitter bots easily

We’re going to be adding new bot types weekly

Pricing TBC - help us figure it out

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It all started when we were looking to use a twitter bot to help launch another product and were so surprised that there wasn't a simple lightweight tool out there - especially when so many people use bots. I'm not a very good engineer, but good enough to make our first prototype, and then @benoj and I teamed up turn it into a proper product. Together we started tinyproducts - our mission is to create simple tools for makers everywhere. We look forward to all your feedback :)
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@benoj @kasmyou Any news about the different campaign types not yet published? e.g. "build your audience organically" ?
I used twitter bot to boost campaigns for artists releasing songs, and a lot of spotify views were achieved to relevant audiences thanks to Tinybot
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@cava06 thanks David ❤️ - let us know if we can do anything to make it better
Product looks slick! Great job guys, out of curiosity what's the next type of bot?
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@gotjosh thanks Josue :) Going to be the audience builder - you have any specific requests?
I made my first ever bot using this over the weekend and it was so EASY! Less than 5 minutes start to finish including all the Twitter config. Honestly can’t believe bot-as-a-service didn’t exist before! Thanks tinyproducts!
Hi! I just followed the instructions but when I click Submit, nothing happens... I did something wrong?
@pipecucalon Having the same issue. @kasmyou
@pipecucalon @chiefkiez Hi Juan, Austin sorry to hear that! Is this when you submit the Twitter credentials form or when you create the twitter bot? Please note that currently the bot is on a 1 hourly schedule so may take a while before it runs - we are looking to add more fine grained control very soon!