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👨‍💻Look mom no code is here to help you get started today, with building quick minimal value products that can easily grow into bigger and more customised products.

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DaveMaker@lookmomnocode · Lookmomnocode.com
Howdy, Product Hunt! 🚧 The past months I’ve been building non stop apps and decided to create 5 templates that can form the basis for your next startup idea. I’ve chosen to build templates for building a: 01. Marketplace 02. Job board 03. Recruitment Agency 04. Upvote listings 05. Startup Landingspage 🎨 The templates are built on Bubble.is a platform that allows you to build products & apps without the knowledge of code. All the 5 custom templates can help you get started to build a quick minimal value product that can easily grow into a bigger and more customized product. 40% PH launch discount 🙀 Normally the templates are priced $189 but for the first 24 hours they are only $113! 👀 Demo’s are on: Look mom no code. Build without code for people who want to start without code. ✔ Start today without knowledge of code. ✔ Unique, clean and easy to customize designs. ✔ All templates come with a full dark-mode
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Will definitely trying it out. Need more templates for all use case industry
DaveMaker@lookmomnocode · Lookmomnocode.com
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Let me know if you need any help 😉
Jaqui McCarthy
Jaqui McCarthy@jaqui_mccarthy · Founder of WiGo Trips
Love this! I would have loved to of had this when I first started our company. So glad that you built it for future founders. Will have to play around with it. Thank you for building these.
DaveMaker@lookmomnocode · Lookmomnocode.com
Thanks @jaqui_mccarthy 😇