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February 6th, 2017

Build a powerful morning routine with these apps 📱☀️
If you’re not convinced that waking up earlier will transform your life, start by reading The Miracle Morning. This book is loaded with specific habits and productivity tips that will make your day productive.

Now, not all of us are naturally morning birds, and that's okay. But following a consistent morning routine that works for you can set you up for success (no matter when you get out of bed). These will help: 

Morning Routine will add structure and focus to your mornings 📱
• If you're an Android user, the Tinygain app is very similar 💚
Morning Reader makes it easy to keep up with tech news on the go 📰
• Morning Mail is a new way to manage your email, Tinder style 💌
• The Five Minute Journal app is the simplest thing you can do to start your day happy 😀

For more ways to help kickstart your morning routine, check out our latest post on Medium.
Morning Routines ☀️
Congrats to Naval Ravikant on winning a Crunchie for Angel of the Year! Other winners include Spectacles (Breaking Hardware), Project Include (Include Award), Pokémon GO (Best App), Jeff Lawson (Founder of the Year), and Kirsten Green (VC of the Year). Slack won Startup of the Year.
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