Five Minute Journal App


The simplest, most effective way to be happier every day


Andy Cook
@andygcook · Cofounder - Tettra.co
I want to buy this because the concept is interesting but people are reporting the app is pretty buggy in the reviews. Is there an update coming out soon to address the issues? https://appsto.re/us/sVpdX.i
Paul Kemp
@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
A great app which had a fantastic launch and has been growing in popularity ever since. I know the co-founders UJ Ramdas and Alex Ikonn (I've suggested as makers). We worked together last year trying to fix up a few issues in the app. The app is popular because of the 5 Minute Journal book. Anyway, its good to finally see this on Product Hunt. Hopefully, UJ … See more
[deleted user]
This is way better than the 6-minute Journal app
Magnus Petersen-Paas
@magnuspaaske · Freelancer Web Dev
What's the reason it's not available internationally? Was looking forward to trying it out
Feyyaz Alingan
@freshfey · Focused. 🤖
I just recently bought 5 more copies of the 5 Minute Journal book and I have to say I love it. I always loved the element of taking the time and actually writing the stuff down, but when I'm traveling I used the app. It's beautifully designed and I love the option of adding a photo to a certain day. Makes the whole experience more memorable. Besides that,… See more