Morning Routine 2.0

The easiest way to track your routines just got better

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Do yourself a small favor and mention in the description that it's a paid app AND has in app purchase for key features. I don't know why you would do that combo, but in any event it should be mentioned that you aren't buying he whole app. It would be interesting to compare results on free plus in app vs paid(full price) vs. what you are doing now paid(+in-app purchase).
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@surfy so the idea is: $1.99 gets you access to create your morning routine,and track them with stats ie the original app,v1.0 - now in v2.0 you can add unlimited routines for a buck, which I think is fair. developers have to eat and pay their rent like everyone else ๐Ÿ˜ธ
@londonrom I agree with mark, it's not that you don't deserve money, it just feels deceitful. When you buy a paid app like this, you expect to have bought all the features. That's why you paid. To get hit with an additional charge inside after just buying it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Just make the app a dollar more expensive up front if you want the added revenue
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@scawtent thanks for your feedback!I'll consider it.
@londonrom That's great. Eating is great. I totally endorse eating. Now tell everyone up front in your description that you want to eat and it's going to cost extra. The app is really $4 not $2. The unlimited routines add-on were $2, not $1. I can't believe I'm actually spending time on this and telling you that you don't know what you are charging for your product. Someone shoot me.
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@groupfire thanks, this was an error and I just corrected it in itunes connect. The final 3 days to get the app update were crazy 15 hours days and I must admit that was not set up correctly. Once again thank you for pointing this out and please no one shoot this nice person!
Very very similar to my that was featured few days ago, just with less features.
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@ziggycrane but available in iPhone ;)
@thehashrocket @ziggycrane not yet! I only know SWIFT for now ๐Ÿ™ƒ
@londonrom @ziggycrane Hey that's cool. You're a solo developer. I understand that. :)
@ziggycrane looks great - when will the iOS version be released?
After reading the Miracle Morning book from Hal Elrod, I decided to implement a simple routine each morning but struggled to be consistent and setting 6 alarms on my iPhone was just not practical, so I coded an app for it. After 7 months of gathering feedback on the morning rituals MVP, I was able to launch Morning Routines 2.0 yesterday. It's all coded in SWIFT and was my first big app project from scratch; I have learnt so much along the way and met great people. A few days ago, the app was trending on the appStore and reached top #14 paid app in the US, and top #2 in the health and fitness category! A big part of this success is due to Product Hunt and you, the users, who gave me brutal, honest, intelligent feedback. Thank you Product hunt Community for helping me along the way, you guys rock!
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This looks very helpful. Congrats to the maker! :)
The first question coming up to mind is, do I really need an app to take a shower and drink coffee?:) :-D
@aramiggs if you don't want to stay 30 min under the shower and be late for work + implement 10 min of daily meditation, then maybe! if you read the Slight Edge, the compound Effect or the Miracle Morning, this is the tool to help you implement small consistent habits that are easy to do, but also easy not to do.
@londonrom so you mean I need to read books and install apps to determine how much time I need to spend in shower?
@aramiggs @londonrom It's probably a useful read to become more conscious about exact rituals and design them better.
@aramiggs it's more about forming good habits and tracking them, i.e. meditation, quick workout, read 10 pages, gratitude etc..