Create, discover and develop productive daily routines.

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Hi, ProductHunters. I am creator or Tinygain. An app that helps you to learn new habits and bring productive routines to your life. I would love to hear feedback from you guys since you are just the right people who would like to use this app.
Love the animations and the overall look of the app, great job!
@svenvd_zee Thanks, I am still working hard and have a lot planned for the app. Glad you like it!
Exactly what I was looking for. Just wanted to try the app. I don't want to share my very personal routines with everyone. Having private routines is a pro feature so I stopped there. Maybe it's just me who thinks this is a must have feature. But without that I could not really try it or even be converted to pro.Just saw there is a free trial. Maybe I will try that later.
@etticat I've given you Prime for three months as a gift.
@ziggycrane Thanks will try it and let you know
This sounds like a great app. Looking forward to downloading it on iOS. You have a typo though: "comming soon" should be "coming"
@peterfreeby Thanks, Peter! So far the most requested thing is iOS version. I need to step it up. Thanks!
Great app @ziggycrane ! I am searching for the perfect habit builder on Android and it could be your app :) Will see after I test it.
@mrcalexandre Thank you! Let me know what you think of it. There is still a lot on the roadmap for this project, so I hope you will stay with us and share your feedback. We always want to hear your thoughts.