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Hi there, We’re thrilled to announce Morning Reader for iOS and Android. Keep up with the latest tech news wherever you go! • Breaking tech news from the best sources • Trending stories at the top of your feed • Updates around the clock • Simple and easy-to-use The app is free to download and use. If you have any questions, please ask.
@jlft It looks nice but a major design fault is that it is all white. IF I want to check this app every morning I don't want all that light in my eyes. Make a dark mode option.
Very clean interface - love it.
Just headlines, no images. Really cool. I hope it will be possible to customize with our own feeds. Where does it come from?
@tsunaze Thanks! Customization is not (yet) possible. However, we're experimenting with some ideas like source selection and company specific feeds. What kind of customization would you like to see?
@jlft My personal tech feed (TheVerge, Engadget etc). I would've said the number of days to get the news, but I really think that yesterday's news is more than OK :). And maybe the number of news, like, I want to get 30min of reading from yesterday's news.
@tsunaze Cool ideas, thanks!
Great design and idea, I think it would be great to include your own sources and the number or amount (in mins) of news everyday
@jlft @tsunaze you should simply plug into feedly
News apps are hard to get right! What will be the differentiating factor that sets you apart from the others?
@bentossell "What are the top five tech stories right now". We just try to answer this question the best we can. :)
Great content curation and clean interface. I'm a fan of their daily newsletter.
@tiagomachado Thanks Tiago!