Crumbs 2.0

Invest your sparechange and instantly trade crypto 💸

With Crumbs you can invest as little as your sparechange into a basket of crypto's or instantly trade over a dozen cryptos.

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Hey PH it feels great to be back! It has been quite the journey and I am proud to say we have come along way since our last appearance on Product Hunt. Since then, we have totally rebuilt our app, added tons of new features, worked closely with regulators/our compliance team, and even got acquired by Metal! I will be online all morning (PT time zone) answering questions/responding to your comments!
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@patrick_mrozowski Congrats on the launch Patrick! I really enjoyed watching the evolution from beta app to the launched app! It’s amazing how fast the spare change accumulates.
@raffi_muradyan Thank you! 🙏
Love the new design - how long did the redesign + rebuild take for your team?
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@charleyma Thanks! I would say around 6 months for backend and front end.
It looks very nice! Loved the design!
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@stellapelagatti Thank you! Credit to that goes to our talented designers @tyler_leonard and @sid_parihar
Interesting. The UI reminds me about Robinhood. Which FIAT vendor is this ?