A decentralized take on Instagram

Pixelfed is an open-source, federated platform.

You can run your own instance or join one.

  • Patrick Loonstra
    Patrick LoonstraDesigner at patrickloonstra.nl

    Opensource alternative to the big players


    A bit hard to understand how the whole network works together

    Love initiatives like this. It can and must not be the truth that the big companies keep us in their power just for the money they earn of try to earn with us.

    Patrick Loonstra has used this product for one year.
  • Pierre-Gilles
    Pierre-GillesFounder of @Gladys Assistant

    Great design, decentralized, open-source and ads free


    No as many users as instagram, but it'll change for sure :)

    I'm really worried about the future of instagram, I see it becoming like Facebook: bloated by ads.

    I can't wait to have all my friends on a decentralized and ads free platform powered by the open-source community :)

    Pierre-Gilles has used this product for one day.
Looks interesting
@david_sanchez3 It is. Are you familiar with mastodon also?
Is there any mobile app?
@android_bull No, not yet. But just like what happen with Mastodon https://www.producthunt.com/post... everybody can build an app for it. For Mastodon there is just a new one, that looks very very nice https://www.producthunt.com/post... so this can be promising.
I don’t really quite understand what this service trying to solve
@kimmychen Removing corporate influence from instagram-like social networks by creating decetralized and federating alternative using ActivityPub. In simple terms, this is like a cell operator. A lot of people use different operators (instances), but you can still call everyone else (share your content with everybody) regardless of your operator (instance). Better yet, if no current operator satisfies your requirements, you can become your own and run your own instance, still being complatible with everyone else. In contrast with Instagram, for example, where it's one centralized platform and if instagram doesn't like you for some reason, they can boot you and that's it, you're out from instagram forever.
@kimmychen you know how with email one person can have a yahoo email and another person can have a gmail and you both can still communicate? You can use whatever service you want, with whatever email app you want, you're never stuck, and all the services work together even if they're being run by completely different companies on different servers. That's called federation. This is like that but for social networking. Currently you pick a silo (facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc) and you're stuck and nothing works together and you're at the whim of whatever the company running the silo decides, whether you like it or not. With this new ecosystem, anything built on top of a thing called "ActivityPub" instead makes social networking like email where it's federated, you're not locked in, you can follow between services, and everything can work together- even completely different apps/companies/servers.
@kevinflo oh!!! I understand now! it's a brilliant idea.!
This exact thing has been on my list of "things to build" for a while now. I'm really happy you did this. Sharing pictures with your friends seems like something that should just be a basic human activity. It feels wrong to me that some company should own that interaction. I'm really rooting for you!