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#3 Product of the WeekAugust 28, 2017

Blockchain Demo is my attempt at demystifying the technology behind cryptocurrencies. It has a living blockchain, a peer-to-peer network, and a user tour.

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  • MykalLover of Software and Design

    Takes a very complicated process and symplifies it with top level code examples along with written examples and diagrams


    UX is a little rough. Not being able to click off the tutroial to follow along is frustrating

    Overall. I think this has awesome potential for teaching your everyday developer about how blockchain technology works. (would say everyday person But im not sure if thats too far of a stretch) Good work!

    Mykal has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    It is very complex the demo makes it very simple. In 4D that's deep.


    User experience would def add to Continuous Learning as it would hit a triple, e.g., ill/anim&inter.

    Wave blockchain offers advancement to 'Equitable Urban Future;' therefore, I am interested to using it in Lower Roxbury, a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

    doumafis lafontan has never used this product.


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Sean HanMaker@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
Hello again Product Hunt! Blockchain Demo is my attempt at demystifying the technology behind cryptocurrencies. It has a living blockchain, a peer-to-peer network, and a user tour. The popularity of Blockchain CLI ( motivated me to build Blockchain Demo. This project is also inspired by If you have any feedback, please let me know! The more people that understand the technology, the better! Thank you for tuning in! Sean
Tommy Johnson@tommy_johnson · Co-Founder VentureStorm
@seanhan This is awesome, now I can send non-technical friends here instead of rambling about the components that make up a blockchain
Sean HanMaker@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
@tommy_johnson Thank you for the kind words!
Alexander Isora 🦄@alexanderisora · Founder @ Unicorn Platform
Thanks for the great service @seanhan! I've added it to the CryptoList.
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
This is really well executed Sean. As a visual learner this is *so* much easier to learn with than reading wikipedia or an article. Thanks for putting the time into this 🙌
Sean HanMaker@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
@fredrivett Thank you!
Carlos Herrera@carlosherrera · Software Engineer, Epicor Software
@fredrivett I agree. It helped me to better understand what mining is. Well done @seanhan
Sean HanMaker@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
@fredrivett @carlosherrera Thanks! Appreciate it very much :)
Damir Dulic@ddulic92 · DevOps Engineer @
Care to explain why your website started using most of my cpu?
Sean HanMaker@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
@ddulic92 It uses the browser to mine a valid hash
Damir Dulic@ddulic92 · DevOps Engineer @
@seanhan Couldn't you have done the guide without mining?
Sean HanMaker@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
@ddulic92 I wanted it to be as real as possible :)
Andrii Khakhariev@akhakhariev · Apps that make copy better!
This is cool. Finally someone has explained all of that blockchain stuff.
Sean HanMaker@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
@akhakhariev Thank you :)
Shlok Vaidya@shloky · Sr. Product Manager at Planview, Writer
This is cool. An easy way to demonstrate what blockchain is.
Sean HanMaker@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
@shloky thank you! Appreciate your kind words