A decentralized Twitter built on Ethereum

Instead of receiving "likes" on Twitter, you get "tips" for good content on Leeroy - and get paid real ether.

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Good eye, @daviswbaer. While extremely awkward and hard to use, Leeroy is one of the more interesting dapps right now, replicating Twitter's basic functionality on the blockchain, powered by Ethereum. It cost ETH to register an account, post, follow, or take any action in the network. I created an account yesterday, using the Cipher Browser on mobile. Here's my first tweet post..
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@rrhoover maybe you should consider a somehow similar system implemented in @productHunt 5.0 to reward hunters and makers? 🤔

You can get paid for good content, which incentivizes quality over spamminess. Hoping it takes off!


-Almost every handle is still available because not many people are on Leeroy yet


-Not many people are on Leeroy yet, so it can be lonely

-You have to pay for just about every action

Each action cost ~$0.03. Might be a glimpse into the future.


Great concept- essentially a decentralized Twitter


Can be difficult to figure out how to use (users need Ethereum to create an account, tweet, follow, etc.)

Hunted Leeroy thanks to @rrhoover's tweet. Also just paid 3 cents to follow @rrhoover on Leeroy :)
Follow me at https://leeroy.io/davis and I'll follow you back
@rrhoover @daviswbaer Founder of Leeroy here, thanks for the hunt! The dapp is pretty rough around the edges but I think the UX for decentralized social is only going to get better from here.
Considering the traction of this on Twitter from PH staff, I expected a lot more upvotage lol
@productpearson I only hunted this an hour ago. Give it a little time :)