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Cryptographics is a digital artwork hub and generation tool powered by Ethereum and IPFS. It allows Artists, Creators and Collectors to come together in order to provide assets, create cryptographics and trade them. The Cryptographics DApp is a unique fusion of cryptography, digital art and Web3.0, greatly inspired by the dada avant-garde movement.

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Hey all! Vukašin from Decenter here. We're a team of people passionate about building innovative, decentralized applications on Ethereum and Cryptographics is our most complex project to go live on the mainnet as of now. And we're glad to see it hunted! Can't wait to see what kind of cryptographics or asset packs hunters will come up with :) We went great lengths to make the whole DApp as intuitive and accessible as possible, so I don't want to go into too much detail, but here are a few important points: -Artist can upload asset packs and earn ETH every time a new Creator uses it -Creators can compose cryptographics, save them on the blockchain or sell them in the Gallery. Additionally, original Creators receive 2% of the price every time the cryptographic is resold. -Collectors can join to either create their own collections and trade cryptographics, either in the Gallery or other marketplaces. -MetaMask and ETH are required to upload asset packs and save cryptographics, but *everyone* can test the Composer and use it to their heart without either of those those. *If you are an Artist interested in Cryptographics, but are new to Ethereum, please reach out to us!* Have you tried it out yet? We would love to hear your feedback and will reply to absolutely everyone.
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