Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 30th, 2017

Products made by REAL TEENS πŸŽ“
An idea, a student, and a dorm room walk into a bar. What comes out? The next billion dollar meme bot.Β πŸ€–πŸ¦„

Some of the recent student-made launches include:

🌐 An API marketplace, by an 18 year old who raised $3.5M from a16z
⏰ This slick time tracking app, started by a high school student
πŸ“· A beautiful Instagram client for your Mac
πŸŽ™Β An app that lets you listen to podcasts from your menu bar
πŸ‘Ά A super useful sales tool made by the youngest makers on PH

We want to help enable more students to build cool stuff. When you're ready, email us and we'll help you launch. πŸš€
Made by StudentsΒ πŸŽ“
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