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#4 Product of the DayMay 11, 2016
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Guilherme Rambo
Guilherme RamboMaker@_inside · I make apps
Many of you may be asking: what's the big advantage to using this over just accessing overcast.fm in a browser. Well, I'm glad you asked. The two main advantages are: - The app runs continuously on the menu bar and you can easily get It out of the way - You can use your keyboard's media keys to play/pause and go forward/back 30s quickly That's It :)
Justin Kwong
Justin Kwong@justinckwong · Founder @ ISM (ism-sf.com)
@_inside Looks awesome! Was looking for a product that did this :) Love being able to use your keyboard to quickly manage controls
Simeon Vincent
Simeon Vincent@dotproto · Front End Engineer
@_inside The ability to use global keyboard shortcuts is all I really wanted out of a desktop Overcast app. Thanks for making this!
Jared Schaffer
Jared Schaffer@jbschaff · Founder/Product, The Tribe 🕴 Dallas, TX
@_inside Nice! Much cleaner experience than using Overcast via Fluid app
Big question for me is: what did Marco have to say about this?
Jake Cohn
Jake CohnHiring@leftearpod · Founder & CEO @ And Chill
Wow, nice work! Insta-sync'ed all my shows and eps, and even knows where to start in the show if I'm in the middle of one. I'm sure Marco would be proud :)
Vinicius Leitão
Vinicius Leitão@viniciusleitao · Designer @ MANGO
Wooow, awesome work! One less tab opened in my browser.
Patrick Loonstra
Patrick Loonstra@patrickloonstra · Designer at patrickloonstra.nl
Great! But how do I get a .app out of this?
Reinald Freling
Reinald Freling@rfreling · Founder of CocoaMail
Patrick Loonstra
Patrick Loonstra@patrickloonstra · Designer at patrickloonstra.nl
@rfreling Great, thank you.