Unofficial Instagram desktop client build with Electron

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It was nice to have Instagram on my phone, because that way I knew exactly when I was wasting my time. Now that is on my desktop, my life is ruined. But you released the source code, in that case, you're cool.
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@nacho I'm sorry! ;-)
With upload support this could turn into a very useful Instagram management tool for Small / Medium businesses. It's so much easier managing your Instagram account from a desktop instead of a mobile device.
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@gibsonrichard thanks for the feedback. I added upload support to the changelog
@terkelg @gibsonrichard I don't think Instagram has (& will) ever allowed uploads outside their mobile client. I would advise against using the reverse engineered private API.
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@swarooph @gibsonrichard I see! Great point
@swarooph @terkelg @gibsonrichard good call. I've seen some horror stories of accounts being banned. Can only imagine they're cracking down even more after the API changes. Still really cool, nice work @terkelg
@swarooph @terkelg @gibsonrichard Some apps already accept uploads from desktop for a moment now. :)
@terkelg ➡ App should connect to Instagram via https and not http.
@hrbrt fixed, and ready for next release. Thanks for the feedback Chris
@terkelg Thanks for fixing this. :)
Nice work, @terkelg. Where'd the name Ramme come from?
Thanks @rrhoover! It's danish for "picture frame"
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Given this was the driver to create this, it's awesome: "My main motivation was to learn Electron. I’m was very inspired by the work of @sindresorhus. You should check out his electron Twitter and Messenger clients. I really enjoy building stuff, and this is part of a project where I’ll try to build at least one project a week and at the same time do more open source work. I want to be more pragmatic, and ship more and Ramme is the outcome of the first week." - @terkelg