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Stefan StokicMaker@stefanstok · Co-founder @
Hi everyone! We're excited to be on Product Hunt today, and launching Slik Prospector, our first tool. Slik Prospector allows you to easily find anyone's email when you visit their LinkedIn profile. You can then save it to our dashboard, and export it to a CSV. We have one of the highest deliverability rates at 98%, and are looking forward to hearing your feedback! Feel free to comment here, or email me, if you have any questions or comments.
Michael Cho@michael_cho · Cofounder, YAM
@stefanstok awesome tool! Thanks for making this!
Stefan StokicMaker@stefanstok · Co-founder @
@michael_cho Thanks Michael! Appreciate it.
Philip Schweizer@phswiss · CEO @ SalesWings
@stefanstok @getslik Hey guys, stunning #LinkedIn hack! We're also launching a LinkedIn prospecting tool, would love to get your feedback. You'll find it here:
Marcos Ortiz@marcosluis2186 · Co-founder at Capital Latino, LLC
@stefanstok @getslik this is a very interesting product. Well done !!
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
Chrome extension to find anyone's email from their LinkedIn profile.
Stefan StokicMaker@stefanstok · Co-founder @
@erictwillis Eric, thanks so much for hunting us. You're the best.
Dave Cooper@dave_cooper · Programmer
The product itself looks great. However, the permissions given to chrome seem a bit too much. "Read and change data on all sites", "read your browsing history" and "communicate with cooperating sites" seems a bit over the top to be able to deliver the functionality that the product is claiming. @stefanstok are you able to go over each of these permissions and let us know why the product needs it?
Stefan StokicMaker@stefanstok · Co-founder @
@dave_cooper Definitely! Would love to explain. - LinkedIn: We simply need access to be able to place our button on the page and figure out which email to search for. - Read your browser history: This is a permission that allows us to access the URL that you are on, e.g if you are on, We track nothing other than that with that permission. - Communicate with cooperating websites: Allows us to speak to our server and
Dave Cooper@dave_cooper · Programmer
@stefanstok Perfect! Thank you for clarifying this! Going to give this a go now :)
✎ Andrew Warner@andrewwarner
@dave_cooper chrome needs to fix its permissions. We shouldn't have to give tons of control when developers don't need (or, you can see) want all that data.
Justin Owens@juztinowenz
Really neat tool.
Soroush GhodsiMaker@soroushg_ · Founder Slik.
@juztinowenz Thanks a lot!
Philip Schweizer@phswiss · CEO @ SalesWings
@juztinowenz Hey Justin, if you dig LinkedIn prospecting tech, I invite you to check out our Lead Tracking app that's getting hunter today, would love to hear what you think
Scott Ruona@scottruona · Marketing Analyst
It's kind of frustrating when a website has no information about what you're signing up for.
Daniel F.@deleted-342513 · Squirting mustard on things since 2016.
@scottruona I concur, and would add that it's unprofessional as well.
Stefan StokicMaker@stefanstok · Co-founder @
@zefareu @scottruona Hey Scott, Zefareu, thanks for catching that! For some reason, our Product Hunt link was pointing to our signup page. Oops!
Daniel F.@deleted-342513 · Squirting mustard on things since 2016.
@stefanstok @scottruona That may be, but why can't there be the same links (How it works, Pricing, Login) on the signup page?
Louis Svugr@louis_sugar · I make and market stuff.
@zefareu @stefanstok @scottruona it's a question of minimising distractions. For everyone actually clicking "sign up" you don't want to give them a chance to change their mind in the last second. cheeky, but effective ;)
Kidd Swoosh@kiddswoosh · Chief Design Officer @ Gig Wage
@louis_sugar @zefareu @stefanstok @scottruona from my experience with feedback on our landing page, people get so bombarded with "sign up" with new services they are leaning more towards a little more information upon making their decision. We can still provide them with the most affective and influential information while still being concise and none distracting. Just somethings I got from building our landing page. Http://