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Stefan Stokic — Co-founder @ Slik
Hi everyone! We're excited to be on Product Hunt today, and launching Slik Prospector, our first tool. Slik Prospector allows you to easily find anyone's email when you visit their LinkedIn profile. You can then save it to our dashboard, and export it to a CSV. We have one of the highest deliverability rates at 98%, and are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Feel free to comment here, or email me, if you have any questions or comments.
Michael Cho — Cofounder, YAM
@stefanstok awesome tool! Thanks for making this!
Stefan Stokic — Co-founder @ Slik
@michael_cho Thanks Michael! Appreciate it.
Philip Schweizer — CEO @ SalesWings
@stefanstok @getslik Hey guys, stunning #LinkedIn hack! We're also launching a LinkedIn prospecting tool, would love to get your feedback. You'll find it here:
Marcos Ortiz — PM, Growth for @MyCP & @MyPaladar
@stefanstok @getslik this is a very interesting product. Well done !!
Eric Willis — Working on something new
Chrome extension to find anyone's email from their LinkedIn profile.
Stefan Stokic — Co-founder @ Slik
@erictwillis Eric, thanks so much for hunting us. You're the best.
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