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I'm a junior in high school, so what my immediate source of stress this summer was, "How will I make everything fit?!". I realized time is finite, and there's only so much you can do in a day. So I combined time tracking with planning and allocation, and what results is a pretty friendly way to fight procrastination!
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@a9_io nice job! Im so bad with time-tracking!!
@a9_io looks awesome!
@a9_io great job Max! very impressive. I would challenge you to simplify the UI a bit.
@a9_io Great app! I'm definitely gonna get some stuff done! You gave another soon to be high schooler inspiration :-)
Great job, Max! What's most impressive is that you've addressed a problem that people have throughout their entire lives. The fact that you've not only identified this need but created a solution for it at such an early age speaks volumes about your current and future potential. You have a terrific life ahead of you, Max. Bon voyage! :)
Well done @a9_io ! ๐Ÿ‘ Same problem for me. I do Weekly planning for the week ahead every weekend since last year and it helps a lot. Currently trying it and it looks great ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Great idea giving it a try! Is there a way to set up reminders for each task each day ? For example: I want every Saturday to read 1hour from 11am to 12pm and I want Liquidtime to remind me every Saturday at 11am that I need to read? The best way to complete a project is to have a routine so was wondering if you are helping with that too!
This is brilliant - Max, you're a Jr.?! Phenomenal job, looking forward to getting to grips with this.