A bot from Super Deluxe that turns your photos into memes

Dankland is a Facebook Messenger bot that helps you create great memes. All you have to do is just send a picture and it will send back a meme. Have fun and text Dankland to discover interesting memes.

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Hello Hunters! Dankland is a Facebook Messenger Bot from Super Deluxe that specializes in helping you create the best memes possible. If you send it an image, it will send you back a meme of it! You can also do keyword searches to find memes of just about anything. We've had over a million people try it out in the past 48 hours, but wanted to share it with the PH community as well :) Enjoy! Feel free to comment or tweet us your best memes 😎
@thatswattsup This is so sick. Would you guys be open to a partnership where we brand this for a specialized niche? I think our readers (K-Pop fans) would love this so much, hahaha.
lol. I love how easy it is to get started (just send a photo in Messenger) Also, for context: me attempting to viral like this guy.
Have been playing around with it for a few days. Amazing.
The randomness of this is pretty funny 😬
What stack have you used to build this bot?