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June 12th, 2022

This app shows how and where you spend your time

According to Elon Musk, "time is the ultimate currency." We agree. Now what? Making sure you’re spending it on the right things can be tough. Distractions don’t help either. Imagine the stuff you’d get done if you closed that Twitter tab.

Enter Flowace. For individuals, the productivity app helps manage and optimize how you spend your time by automatically tracking and categorizing it. For companies, this means receiving real-time accurate cost assessment on projects and alerts when they exceed budgets based on time spent. The product integrates with apps you already use like Dropbox, Adobe Creative Studio, and Microsoft Office.

Similarly, Assista automatically tracks your actions and gives you a detailed view of what you’re working on. The app embeds with your Trello workflow so you don’t need to log in any timesheets. “Nobody really needs time-tracking software. What we need is the data - knowing how much time a specific task took. Checking what you worked on last Thursday while the kids were at home and needed your attention,” one of the makers notes.

We get that time tracking can be somewhat controversial, especially when it’s a team-wide practice. If you were hoping to try out something for personal use, these could interest you.

Apps Tracker tracks the time you spend in every desktop app. The app focuses on your privacy so all the collected data stays on your Mac and is not shared or uploaded anywhere.

Timecap’s focus is on helping you build good habits by understanding which activities you spend most of your time on.

KosmoTime’s calendar lets you time block your activities and mute distractions like Slack and open tabs.

Do you think you’re spending your time well enough? This maker took the question to a more philosophical level and is asking: do you ever feel like you're running out of time? Join the conversation.

See where your time’s spent
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