Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 4th, 2018

Want pizza?
🍕 Pizza Pizza Pizza 🍕
Pizza is objectively the best meal. Science agrees.

But making a pizza is difficult. So, we've
compiled all of the best tools to make finding and consuming your next pizza easy as pie:

📍 PizzaMe! finds the closest pizza to you.
🎲 Feeling dangerous? Try Pizza Roulette.
💼 Then, take your treat to-go with the Pizza Pouch necklace.
😋 Or, try pizza-flavored pepperoni jerky.
📚 Learn to make the perfect pizza, and then...
♨️ Cook it with the Pizza Shelf in 90 seconds.
💬 This Messenger Bot lets you order from Domino's.

This might be too much.

You can now buy life-sized Elon Musk masks, air freshener that actually smells like Elon's Musk, and compete to raise billions and beat Elon to Mars over FB Messenger. 🚀

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